GIFs + Motion

Giphy x Bonnaroo

In Summer 2015 I was approached by art director Jess Gillam at Giphy, Inc. to create some original GIFs for Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Machester, TN. I aimed to express the techno-hippie vibe of the fest. The main logo GIF was featured on Tumblr’s Radar during the first day of the festival.

Giphy x BOSE

Around November 2015, I was again approached by art director Jess Gillam at Giphy, Inc. to create an original GIF for Bose, to promote the release of their new customizable Quiet Comfort Headphones. The client had already picked a GIF I had produced earlier, and wanted to replicate the look. I was glad to incorporate that existing 3D minimalist aesthetic while still playing up the complexity.

Astronauts Wanted

In the summer of 2014, I was contacted by Poppie Van Herwerden of Astronauts Wanted, a joint venture between Judy McGrath, former Chairperson and CEO of MTV Networks, and Sony Music Entertainment. Because their base audience are mid-late teens, I was encouraged to utilize sickly sweet, tumblr-centric aesthetics.

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Branding + Identity Design

Music Putty Branding

In the summer of 2014, I was invited to join a lean start-up in Santa Cruz, CA. For six intense weeks we worked together and launched Music Putty, a combination internet radio station and fundraising platform. I led the art direction for the project, focusing on logo development, UX/UI, social media assets, and presentation design. For more information about this project, contact founder + CEO Arash Namvar.

Sarasota Arts + Cultural Alliance’s Annual Arts Awards

This project, from 2013, was a welcome opportunity to implement my collage/overlay style in the context of branding an event. The featured image applied perfectly to all the different platforms for promotion, including multiple invitations, event signage, ceremony program, and print/web ads.

Sidebern’s Restaurant Branding

In the summer of 2013, I worked with Macolm Bowen of eNox Media to rebrand an iconic Tampa restaurant, SideBern’s. This logo design won 2013’s “Best of the Bay” Addy Award. The logo features seasonal variations which are featured on the restaurant’s seasonal menus. The “all-season” version is featured on permanent fixtures.

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Advertising + Editorial Design

Album Cover — “Without A Love” by The Title Sequence

In 2013, Manchester-based band, The Title Sequence, contacted me because they liked what I’d been posting on tumblr and twitter. I was so glad to help them with creating material for their upcoming release ‘Without a Love’ — a totally infectious indie-electro tune with a brit-pop twist. I created the official cover, poster, and web-ready assets for the release. Additionally, I created an animated version of the cover for extra social medial appeal.

Advertising + Editorial Design // Ladygunn Magazine

Editorial Design — LadyGunn Magazine Vol. 3, Summer 2011

In the summer of 2011, I was interning at HarperCollins Publishers in their Editorial Design department. While working 9-5 every day, I was introduced to the start-up magazine LadyGunn and was excited to provide my extra time with the design of their 3rd volume. The release of this volume solidified LadyGunn’s presence in the indie mag community. Not only did I design many feature spreads and FOB/BOB sections, but I assisted on photoshoots, consulted on styling, and developed a streamlined production pipeline.

Biz941 Magazine Section Openers

From Feb 2013 – March 2014, I worked for Sarasota Magazine. During this time I developed many of the special advertising sections, designed countless sectional ads, and consistently aided with FOB/BOB needs. I worked a lot with Biz941, the business-centric publication under the umbrella of Gulfshore Life Publications, which has since been acquired by Sagacity Media.

Sarasota Magazine

One of my favorite projects for Sarasota Magazine was the Fall 2013 campaign for the Sarasota Arts + Cultural Alliance. I worked closely with board director Jim Shirley, and art director Gigi Ortwein on this campaign.

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