Visual Research + Presentation Layout

Client: Lincoln Motors | Director: Keegan Wilcox | Agency: The Reserve

This spot emphasizes the luxury concierge service that Lincoln now offers. Customers can drop off their car to be serviced and use a loaner car for the day, so they can run errands without their lives being interrupted. We focused mainly on the lifestyle of the main character, and the ethereal, serene lighting, rather than on product shots.

Client: Charter Cable | Director: Rob Groenwold | Agency: BRW USA

For this spot, Rob wanted to emphasize the charisma of vine star Zach King, utilizing his magician-esque visual effects trickery to tell a unique story about using Charter cable across a variety of devices throughout a household. Because Zach’s vines tend to incorporate playing with physics and light, the spot echoed that with ethereal, natural lighting and environments.

Client: Dunkin Donuts| Director: Snorri Sturlson

This spot was a camera-work focused, stop-motion inspired story, showing how Dunkin Donuts has refreshing beverages over the course of the year’s seasons. It was interesting to pair classic New England-centric architectural elements with the intimate shots of people enjoying coffee.

Client: Baylor College of Medicine | Director: The Chartrands | Agency: Lucky 21

I loved this treatment because of the abstract quality of the shots we selected. Medical education is all about connecting complex biological systems to the human element. Pairing the macro photography and abstract objects with images of emotion was a great way to communicate the heritage of this institution.