Work Gear

As an avid traveler, and remote freelance designer and web developer, I need to be ready to put in full days of work while on the go. This page is a roundup of all the gear I use to be comfortable, productive, and prepared for anything my clients may need me to do. The items in this list are limited to what I use to make money. I'm working on other gear lists for my dopp kit, clothing, and hobby goods.

The Essentials

Incase Icon Pack

Everything on this page fits into this backpack! Purchased second-hand for only $50.

2016 15" Macbook Pro

+ MagSafe Charger and Zippered Case

After nearly 10 years of using the MBP I purchased for college, I was finally ready for an upgrade this past Black Friday. Total cost was only $1800. It has a 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM, and a 2.9GHz Intel i7 Quad-Core Processor. I know most travelers have 13" screens, but because my work is so visual, I needed a slightly larger view.

iPhone XS

+ Charger(s) and Phone Case

I mean, it's kind of obvious why this is an essential.

Roost Laptop Stand

+ Fabric Case

What a lifesaver. This extremely portable, yet super strong stand has enabled me to turn any desk or table in the world into an ergonomic dream. I am beginning to see it all over the place at coworking hubs, coffee shops, and libraries. It may seem steep for a laptop stand to be priced at $75, but please trust me, it's so well built, it's very worth it.

Anker Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

+ Hard Case

When your laptop is up on the Roost stand, you don't want to be reaching up to type on it! So I keep this little guy on the ground level of the desk/table I'm at, and it's a great sollution. It has many bonuses! First of all, it has a "delete" button, which I really appreciate when typesetting. Also, 2016 Macbook Pros have a horrible problem with keyboard keys sticking, and the keyboard in general is annoyingly loud. This keyboard has nice, quiet, pleasant bounceback, and products by Anker are very clearly built to last.

Logitech M557 Bluetooth Mouse

+ Batteries (rarely)

This mouse is good, but nothing exceptional. I mean, it's wireless, and it clicks. The battery lasts forever. It's a little loud, I'd prefer a softer clicking sound. Maybe one day I'll upgrade to some fancy mouse, but I don't have a need for that at the moment.

Ultra PRO Playmat/Mousepad

This mat makes it a lot more comfortable to place your stand, keyboard, and mouse in the right place. I like it because it doubles as a coaster so I don't leave rings on wooden surfaces.

Sony MDR-E9LP Earbuds

+ Small Zippered Case

Yes, I still use wired earbuds! I just hate it when wireless ones die in the middle of a great song or podcast! That's so annoying to me that I stick to wired ones for now. I do have one other pair of headphones that are compatible with my iPhone XS. A bluetooth set would eliminate the need for two, so again, this might be a "someday I'll splurge on the best of the best" thing.

In Action!

Here's my setup at a coworking space in Santa Monica, CA. Supportive thumbs-up scultpure not mine (I wish), and phone not pictured, since that's how I took the pic, of course!

Useful Extras

New sectionnnn.