Local Places I Love

Please enjoy this interactive map of my favorite sites in the Sarasota-Bradenton area. I’ve featured mainly small businesses, great parks, shops, places to study, and more. Click the top-left icon to see my listings, or click the top-right icon to view the map in a new tab. Check out my San Francisco Places I Love also!

Products I Love

Digital artists and developers get one question more than any other: “what did you use to do that?” and while that’s a valid curiosity, everyone’s processes are different. Here are a few things I use on a regular basis to run my business and my life!

Software I Love

● Adobe Creative Cloud
Kinda obvious. I find I mainly use InDesign, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator. All the others are bonuses! I also use Typekit, and the other online perks that come with a subscription.

● Maxon Cinema 4D
I’m not a 3D professional, but I do utilize 3D elements in my design work. Maxon has it down. I’m surprised Adobe doesn’t have a comparable product. Best part is the countless tutorials and free resources online.

● Cyberduck
My preferred FTP client. If I’m hosting a new site with GoDaddy, all I have to do is download the provided .duck file, and it automatically creates a bookmark for me. Super useful.

● Evernote
My life would be such a mess without Evernote. It is my combination diary, productivity tracker, scratch pad, calendar, SOUL. I love that I can have my phone completely out of service (like at a campsite or something) and my edits will sync as soon as I am back online.

● Bulkr
I have a huge, locally-hosted database of images I’ve saved over the years. I love that when I find a great photographer or commons collection on flickr, I can use bulkr to download the entire collection, which I then organize in my database by category. (and yes, I keep the metadata to locate the source in the future!)

● Handbrake
When working with video, especially exporting from After Effects, the files can be quite massive. If the video is going to wind up being used online, it needs to be pretty small. I use Handbrake to crop, resize, and change formats of videos. It’s so quick and easy.

● Processing
Processing has helped me wrap my head around javascript, since it approaches coding concepts in a visual way. The open-source community has TONS of examples and resources to help you create amazing interactive compositions.

Services I Love

● Google Products
I use Google for nearly everything in my life. Calendar, E-mail, Drive, Bookmarks, I could go on… I love having all of my information and assets under one umbrella. Long live Google!

● If This Then That
IFTTT is a service that connects and automates all of your social media, or other digital accounts. For example, when I post to instagram, it automatically posts to flickr, which automatically posts to twitter. I also get alerts when certain stock prices go up or down.

● Feedly
I follow a TON of blogs, and I keep them all organized by category with feedly. I love saving long reads to pour over later.

● Mint
Mint is an amazing tool that I use to keep track of my financial information. It keeps track of all of my accounts, loans, credit cards, investments, etc. I think it’s super important to have an accurate idea of your net worth.

● Planet Watcher
I enjoy keeping track of the position of the planets, and I don’t need to be inundated with cheesy astrology shills. This is as simple as it gets!

● Stock Blocker
I do a lot of visual research, which requires a lot of image searching, and I really need to focus on high quality images. I never have a budget for stock images, so it’s super helpful to sort Google Images by size AND remove the results that have stock watermarks.

● Boomerang
Every so often I find myself burning the midnight oil, and composing an e-mail at an ungodly hour. Not everyone appreciates these crazily timestamped messages, so I love that I can schedule them to send at a more appropriate time, like the following morning at 9:00AM.

Hardware I Love

● Calyx Institute Unlimited 4G Hotspot
As someone who is frequently on the road in the continental US, this is my savior. For $600/year, I have an unlimited hotspot that grants me up to, at the very minimum, 10 MBPS up/down. At it strongest, I’m clocking over 100MBPS up/down. God bless you, Nick Merrill.

● AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse
The perfect cheap, useful wireless mouse. It does take 2 AA batteries, but I have owned mine for a year and only changed them once. The receiver can be stored in the mouse’s body, which makes it perfect for working on-the-go.

● Apple iPhone 6+
‘m a fan of the large screen! Phones never fit into my pockets anyway, so why not?

● Apple MacBook Pro 17”
I first bought my laptop in 2010 for school, but since then I’ve upgraded the RAM and now have an internal 1TB SSD. Should the need for new hardware arise in the future, I’d definitely get another Macbook. I think mine is going to be fine for another few years.

● Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch
I used to have an Intuos 5, which I loved, but it was pretty big and bulky. I like the Bamboo because it’s smaller, but just as responsive. It fits in my backpack and I can break it out comfortably at a small coffee shop table.

● Victorinox Laptop Backpack
I was lucky enough to nab this at a garage sale for $20! It’s truly astounding how much you can fit into this backpack. It is sturdy and strong, and has just the right amount of pockets.

● Puma Remesh Tote
I upgraded to this bag because my old MiCoolker was looking just a bit too drab. I wanted something I could feel confident and fashionable hauling around, not just boringly utilitarian. I scored this tote for 50% on Black Friday, so that was awesome. It’s incredibly spacious, and fits really comfortably over my shoulder. It even fits my 17” MacBook Pro, if I ever wanted to bring it along for a quick run to the office.